TNT Reading Tutor

TNT Reading Tutor

This Summer Is The Time To Improve Your Child’s Reading And Attention.

The TNT Reading Tutor, the home version of TNT Reading, makes learning to read rewarding and fun. Based on over twenty years of reading research, it helps children grades K – 3 master valuable early reading concepts while they develop better memory, attention, and reasoning ability.  Just select your child’s grade level, then stand back while TNT Reading Tutor creates a structured learning plan just for him.   The TNT Reading Tutor focuses on the skills that research has shown to have the greatest impact on a child’s ability to learn to read – letter recognition, phonemic awareness, phonics, mental processing speed, auditory discrimination, working memory, and attention.  It is licensed for one player for one year.

I liked that I was able to create customized programs for my second grade daughter and my pre-K son. They are on completely different levels, yet this program helped both of them.
According to a recent study published in Pediatrics, up to 50% of children with ADHD or ADD have reading disabilities. The 2011 Nation’s Report Card from the US Department of Education shows that 58% of fourth graders are not proficient readers. This statistic has remained unchanged since 2007. How will these children function in a society where reading and thinking are crucial for learning, responsible citizenship, and economic survival?

Difficulties with basic reading skills at the Kindergarten level don’t usually disappear on their own. In addition, if a child processes information slowly, or can’t pay attention or remember, academic instruction will not help him learn to differentiate letter sounds or understand the meaning of what he reads. If he is still struggling by the third grade, social studies and science will be closed books. Early intervention is critical if he is not to remain at a severe disadvantage throughout his academic and adult life.

TNT Reading Tutor uses a powerful combination of targeted computerized cognitive and reading “games” to help children K-3 develop their abilities. Following national Common Core Standards, TNT Reading is a comprehensive system that trains children to learn and to read.


More Details About TNT Reading Tutor

TNT Reading Mastery Level 1

Colorful game-like activities make letter recognition exciting!

Mastery Step 1 (K – 1st Grade, 124 Exercises)- Upper & lower case letter recognition, matching, sequencing.- Alphabetical order- Differentiation between uppercase and lowercase letters Mastery Step 2 (K – 1st Grade, 96 Exercises)- Matching letters to their correct consonant and vowel sounds- Blending consonant and vowel sounds together to form wordsMastery Step 3 (K – 2nd Grade, 120 Exercises)- Discrimination between similar beginning or ending sounds of words- Distinguishing between long and short vowel sounds in words- Learning the different sounds of “y” as a vowel  

TNT Reading Mastery Level 2

Listen carefully to the beginning sounds of the words and remember what you hear!Mastery Step 4 (K – 3rd Grade, 112 Exercises)- Identifying words based on beginning and ending letters or sounds.- Recognizing and spelling basic sight words of up to two phonemes Mastery Step 5 (1st – 3rd Grade, 104 Exercises)- Identifying and discriminating rhyming words using short vowel sounds- Identifying and decoding beginning letters and vowels in simple words Mastery Step 6 (1st – 3rd Grade, 104 Exercises)- Identifying and decoding ending letters of words- Discriminating between different but similar middle consonant sounds of words- Recognizing and spelling basic sight words comprised of three phonemes. 

TNT Reading Mastery Level 3

Develop your listening skills. Good auditory processors make good readers.Mastery Step 7 (1st – 3rd Grade, 120 exercises)- Identifying words based on beginning consonant blends, identifying how a silent “e” changes the sound of a word, recognizing and spelling basic sight words comprised of three phonemesMastery Step 8 (1st – 3rd Grade, 112 exercises)- Identifying words based on beginning consonant blends and on beginning and ending consonant digraphs, recognizing rhyming words with long vowel sounds Mastery Step 9 (1st – 3rd Grade, 104 exercises)- Discrimination between similar vowel digraphs, distinguishing differences between diphthong sounds, learning how smaller words can be combined to make bigger words or vice versa  

TNT Reading Comprehension

Step 1 (K – 1st Grade, 60 exercises)- Trains the ability to complete sentences by using matching words with pictures and using context clues in sentences. Trains the ability to follow step-by-step instructions. Trains the ability to place sentences in a logical order to create a story. Step 2 (1st-2nd Grade, 60 exercises)- Trains the ability to gather information in a paragraph in order to correctly answer specific questions. Trains the ability to use abstract critical thinking skills in order to determine meaning. This is accomplished using clues, riddles and picture puzzles. Step 3 (2nd-3rd Grade, 60 exercises)- Trains the ability to make inferences from information in a sentence or paragraph, cause and effect logic, functional concepts and context clues.

Brain-Building Video Games!

I also like the game breaks between lessons. These games are really fun and even challenging! It’s neat how you can see other player’s top scores and try to beat them.

The TNT Reading Tutor is fun. Vibrant graphics and entertaining activities are incorporated into the learning process. Students earn certificates for each skill they master. Best of all, your child’s hard work is rewarded with two-minute, non-violent “video game breaks.” Learning to read can be fun for everyone!




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