Sekati Brain-Computer Interface API

Sekati Brain-Computer Interface API

The framework allows you to interface with the EEG device via socket (provided by the open ThinkGearConnector server; part of NeuroSky’s open development SDK) & allows you to read connection status, signal strength, NeuroSky’s proprietary algorithmic eSense values as well as the following raw EEG values:

  • Delta – dreamless sleep, non-REM sleep, unconscious
  • Theta – intuitive, creative, recall, fantasy, imaginary, dream
  • Alpha Low – relaxed but not drowsy, tranquil, conscious
  • Alpha High – calm meditative, creative visualization
  • Beta Low – relaxed yet focused, integrated, thinking, aware of self & surroundings
  • Beta High – alertness, agitation, conscious thought, external focus
  • Gamma Low – motor functions, higher mental activity
  • Gamma High – perception alertness, anxiety

The resulting air demo application gives signal & EEG power value feedback via a series of Sekati API ForceSprite balls, which have normal physics & gravity applied to them (dropping to the ground):

When a users brain waves become readable the balls blue snap in to focus. When the waves become focused & reach above a certain (configurable) threshold gravity is removed from the environment & the balls begin to float to the top of the screen like balloons (conversely a loss of focus reapplies gravity & the balls drop like rocks). The user may also control the direction in which the balls travel with the type of thought used; focus & concentration forces the velocity of the balls to the left, whist a more relaxed, passive, observant state of mind forces the balls to the right (keep in mind; this is not mind-control; but rather advanced biofeedback – & in practice is a lot like using muscles you did not know you possessed).

The videos below do a good job of show-casing how this works in practice:

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