MyndTFT - Treatment for Nerves, Nervousness and Self Doubt

MyndTFT - Treatment for Nerves, Nervousness and Self Doubt


MyndTFT Therapy for Nervousness and Self Doubt is designed to help you conquer your nerves and focus on your performance whether it is an exam, a driving test, a presentation or a big sporting event, being at your best means getting over your nerves.

MyndTFT combines the proven revolutionary therapy technique of TFT with biofeedback to help the user get a better understanding of how the treatment is affecting the mind and to allow us to create an app that adapts the therapy on how the user reacts.

This particular treatment is designed specifically to help reduce, manage and eliminate everyday nerves and self doubt for athletes, students and all alike. There will be more treatments added regularly; all instructed by Ian Graham who has over 20 years experience in TFT and other therapy techniques and assisted by Lisa Fry.

This treatment has been successfully used to help thousands people all over the world to overcome emotional obstacles and perform at their very best.

A little history on TFT..

Discovered and developed by Dr. Roger Callahan PhD, a Californian clinical psychologist with over 40 years of experience, Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is a totally unique form of meridian therapy. It is best described as a natural, drug-free, non-invasive system to eliminate the cause of negative emotions. Quite simply the addressing of specific energy meridian points on the body in a precise and defined sequence, TFT has been shown to be extraordinarily effective in treating most psychological problems.

In continuous development since 1979, TFT is probably the only therapy currently available for the treatment of psychological problems and emotional challenges that can genuinely claim to offer a cure.

Most individuals experience significant relief from their problem within a few minutes. No other treatment presently available, conventional, complementary nor alternative, can claim the same speed of action and completeness.

The key to this extraordinary success has been Dr. Callahan's discovery of the natural code that governs psychological problems, and an effective treatment for the phenomenon of Psychological Reversal - the tendency for some individuals to unconsciously self-sabotage their own recovery despite outwardly seeking to rid themselves of their problem.

What the experts say about TFT:

"When I first read about TFT, I had no idea of the positive effect it was going to have on my life and the lives of so many people that I have come into contact with. I have always believed if you really want to learn something properly, go to the source. As soon as I met Roger Callahan, I was immediately impressed with his compassion and intelligence. I have been practicing TFT and evangelistically spreading the word of this wonderful technology now for several years and I never cease to be amazed by the powerful effect that it has upon people to change their lives for the better."

Paul McKenna, PhD

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