MyndGolf with Bryan DeCorso

MyndGolf with Bryan DeCorso

Great Golfing is all in the Mind, any world class champion can tell you that; but what is it about the mind that breaks us under pressure, distracts us or allows us to be emotionally affected by our surroundings or situations; Sports science now tells us the keys to success for a strong mental game are awareness, discipline, focus and calm...oh and lots of practice.


MyndGolf with Bryan DeCorso (Web Tour Champion) takes you though a series of challenges designed to test your mental toughness and ability to handle pressure and most importantly stay focussed and confident.


The challenges are broken down into 4 sections:


Putting Challenge (4 Attempts 2 outcomes each)

Driving Challenge (5 Attempts 9 outcomes each)

Sand Bunker Challenge (3 Attempts 4 outcomes each)

Pressure Putts (3 Attempts at various distances from the Hole)


Challenge yourself or a friend and get your game up to par (no pun intended)

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