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  • MindSports - Free Trial
  • MindSports - Free Trial
  • MindSports - Free Trial
  • MindSports - Free Trial
  • MindSports - Free Trial

MindSports - Free Trial

 What are MindSports?

MindSports is a suite of sports themed games that you control with the power of your mind! Using the MindWave and Neurosky’s state-of-the-art brainwave technology, EEG Magic’s MindSports promotes a healthy, relaxed approach to attentiveness. Whether you want to test your skills against the computer (Single Player Mode) or challenge your friends and family (Multi Player Mode), MindSports helps you learn to relax and focus your mind; leading to high scores when playing the games of Basketball, Football, Fishing, Soccer and Darts. The MindSports’ games provide hours of brain-building fun for ages 8 to 88.

What Game Modes are Included with MindSports?

There are seven different game modes in MindSports, each providing over 20 levels of progressive difficulty. Each game mode is designed to be more challenging than the previous one. This not only challenges the players to remain focused, but measures their relaxation and awareness while doing so. The first two game modes, Poker Face and Clear Light, are unlocked by default. Thereafter, each game mode is unlocked after the player reaches Level 7 of the previous game.  The game modes and suggestions for success with each are discussed in greater detail in the MindSports Overview help file which is available on the main menu screen.

The game modes are as follows:

·      Poker Face – This game requires you to keep your face as relaxed as possible in order to win – in other words, you must maintain a “poker face.”

·       Clear Light – Clear Light relies on a high level of mental relaxation. Players must let go of any emotional reactions or thoughts about winning or losing and simply be present, relaxed, and alert. Reaching Level 7 will unlock the following game, Shining Star.

·       Shining Star This game encourages players to discover what it means to be relaxed and focused. Step back, experiment through trial and error, and see how aware you can be of your own brain power state!

·       Moonlight Magic – In order to learn about this game mode, you may want to go outside on a clear night and find a place without many street lights. When you look up at the stars and see the moon shining, how do you feel? Can you evoke this magical, mysterious feeling? Quiet your mind, relax, and take a long, deep breath. See what you discover!

·       Laser Beam – Like a real laser beam, this game challenges the player to let go of their thinking while remaining mentally active. The goal is to reach a directed, relaxed, and pointed state of mind.

·      Shine On – Players are asked to use the power of positivity in Shine On. In other words, they should try to think pleasant thoughts and recall happy memories without forcing their train of thought.

·      Perfect Day – The final game mode requires the player to envision their perfect day and to focus on the positive feelings that result.



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