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Research Tools

The Research Tools are a cost effective and user-friendly solution for conducting EEG-oriented research.

The Research Tools includes NeuroView and NeuroSkyLab, two specialized applications to study and understand the behaviors of brainwaves.

NeuroView is designed to be appropriate for novice to intermediate EEG researchers wishing to view and record EEG data in real-time. The recorded data can easily be exported to other third-party applications for downstream data analysis and processing. The recorded data is in a Comma-Separate-Values (CSV) file, and can be opened in programs such as Excel. 

Measurements can be taken in:

- Raw signal
- Neuroscience defined EEG power spectrum
- eSense meter for Attention 
- eSense meter for Meditation

NeuroSkyLab is targeted towards advanced EEG researchers who are familiar with the MATLAB environment, providing more customization and real-time data viewing and analysis.

WARNING: NeuroSkyLab is currently only working with older MATLAB, version 7.0(R14/2004). The new MATLAB, v7.14(R2012a) and v8.4(R2014b), requires the proper Bluetooth driver from dongle's manufacturer. If user paired headset with MicroSoft BT driver, the headset may experience a connection issue.

The Research Tools do not include any hardware. These tools are compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/8.1/10.

The Research Tools are recommended for use with the MindWave and MindWave Mobile 2. 



Note that the original name of the Research Tools was MindSet Research Tools, but the toolset is compatible with all headsets and is now simply NeuroSky's Research Tools.



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