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Puzzlebox Jigsaw

Puzzlebox Jigsaw is a software application which facilitates the evaluation of website design and online media content, as well as provides tools for aiding with Quality Assurance (QA) testing of web applications such as social network games.


- Now supports Macintosh OS X (64-bit)!

- Web Browser component based on the HTML5 Open Source WebKit layout engine which powers Google Chrome and Apple Safari (including Android and iOS versions respectively)

- JavaScript API (link: http://jigsaw.puzzlebox.info/tracker/wiki/JavaScriptAPI) and JSON API (link: http://jigsaw.puzzlebox.info/tracker/wiki/JSONAPI) available for automating captured Session data and saving or export to external files without requiring user interaction

- Version 1.2 API supports collecting custom, user-defined data and matching it to biometric recordings automatically

- Supports plug-ins including Adobe Flash and Oracle Java-based applets 

- Records measurements of concentration and mental relaxation of test users leveraging EEG hardware such as the NeuroSky MindWave and NeuroSky MindSet 

- Offers a complete EEG emulator for simulation and development prior to hosting user sessions

- Provides real-time visualization of brainwaves and automatically graphs recently-collected bio-signal data 

- Permits user Session tracking, saving of complete raw EEG waves for later re-evaluation as new algorithms are developed, and supports exporting of session data to CSV format for access and display in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel 

- Provides a comprehensive Online Help system which is updated automatically by Puzzlebox and includes a user feedback component for direct communication of questions, feature requests, and bug and security reports

There's more infomation available through the online help system here:





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NeuroSky technologies enable the most insightful and easy-to-understand health and wellness biometrics for mobile solutions, wearable devices, and service providers. The company’s proprietary, market-leading biosensor technologies provide a foundation for analyzing biometric data in a way that’s never before been practical. NeuroSky-enabled solutions deliver unique insights into body and mind health and wellness that can motivate people to make better lifestyle choices.

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