BrainZen - Train your Brain!
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  • BrainZen - Train your Brain!
  • BrainZen - Train your Brain!
  • BrainZen - Train your Brain!

BrainZen - Train your Brain!

How it works
BrainZen is an application that works in conjunction with the Neurosky EEG that allows you to evaluate and train your brain. With a simple and user-friendly interface, BrainZen provides an automated report for each session and evaluation performed, making it the perfect application for anyone who wants to create a differential for their clients through a combination of technology and neuroscience.

Downloading the app is free, you only pay a fixed price for the trial or training session and you can charge as much as you want by paying only when you use the services.

The application uses the Neurofeedback brain training technique, widely reported in the scientific community therapeutic procedure to reduce symptoms in the following clinical conditions:

- Anxiety and Depression
- Stress
- Emotional Self-Control
- Learning Disabilities
- ADHD And others.

Main Functions
Provide automated reports at the end of each training session or evaluation, allowing the longitudinal client monitoring. It has algorithms that reduce the noise during the collection, which allows the flexibility of the activities practiced with your client. It is wireless and does not dirty the user's head. It has an automatic system of levels of attention and relaxation, ideal for those who know little about the technique and want to start offering this service in your clinic. Allows the practice of controlled breathing exercises with Respiratory Pacer. Instructors, parents, and tutors can track progress and monitor patterns of change in attention and meditation levels - in real time - by providing immediate data analysis to help students identify areas where care is needed. 30 minutes sessions using Breath Pacer and Sound Feedback. Client's mood states simplified monitoring. Allows the stimuli customization so that you can contextualize the complaints of your clients.

Why should I download BrainZen?
A complementary therapeutic tool can be a differential for your clients, becoming an extra source of income for your clinic. You pay only when you use, without monthly payments, being ideal for those who want to make an investment. Our system allows you to create new service modalities, enabling you to reach new consumer group. Use the most advanced scientific and technological scenario to optimize your results.



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