BrainTrain Memory Defender

BrainTrain Memory Defender

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Working memory works…and now there is an entertaining and cost-effective way to train it! BrainTrain offers a variety of games to improve memory and attention for both children and adults. Adults and adolescents will enjoy the BrainTrain Memory Sentinel (Easy), Guardian (Medium), or Defender (Difficult). Children will have fun exploring BrainTrain Memory Magic (Ages 6-8) and Memory Discovery (Ages 9-12). If you really want to keep yourself sharp and are ready for highly challenging adult-level memory exercises, the BrainTrain Memory Virtuoso is for you!

Now Featuring BrainPower™!

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A positive relaxed attitude is a key component in building confidence and improving cognitive skills. You can now include brainwave training in conjunction with Memory Games training. The BrainTrain Memory Games’ optional BrainPower System incorporates brainwave biofeedback to help you to develop “C.H.A.R.M.”, a Calm Happy Alert Relaxed Mental state, while you complete the progressively more difficult challenges of the exercises.

Start building your brainpower today. If you are an adult who wants to maintain your mental acuity as you get older, these research-based mental games were designed with you in mind. If you are already experiencing cognitive impairment due to a head injury, ADHD, stroke, or age related cognitive decline, these exercises can help your brain build new connections and renewed brainpower. Developed by a neuropsychologist, each of the adult BrainTrain Memory Games offer you more than 200 exercises to help you keep your brain active and flexible.

DefenderDefender is designed to help high-functioning adults with significant concerns about their memory or attention. 





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