MindRec - Trial Version

MindRec - Trial Version


This is a Trial Version of MindRec.

The MindRec program is useful for researchers and neuromarketers. The MindRec enables researchers to record all continuous streaming data from the NeuroSky MindSet as well as video synchronized with brainwaves to the hard disk. MindRec is only for Windows.

The MindRec provides researchers monitor-filtered (user specified band pass filter and median filter) raw signal, ITS spectrum and spectrum transition in real time. You also can see the other electroencephalography (EEG) components, such as delta, theta, alpha, etc, and attention, meditation data in real time.

A low cost DirectShow camera (like a Web camera) can be used for video recording as necessary

After recording, you can playback this record on the same application. The MindRec provide an interactive user interface allowing users to flexibly and interactively process their playback mode. Normal, slow, forward, backward, pause, and changing playback point modes are available for observation data in detail.

The original recording may be very long and too huge for playback. So, the MindRec allow you to edit that record to only the required area.

The record data format is its own format but the MindRec allow you to translate it to a CSV format so you can read it from many spreadsheet applications, like Microsoft EXCEL, for your original analysis and report.


MindRec is compatible only with the MindSet.



Error 1935 appears to PC's that do not have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0.

To solve this issue on PC's running Windows 7 64 bit, first install "Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0." 

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