Brainwave Starter Kit


The perfect entry point into the world of EEG headsets, the Brainwave Starter Kit bundles your MindWave Mobile with three impressive apps:

  • Brainwave Visualizer
  • Mindwave Tutorial
  • SpeedMath

When you're ready for more apps, check out our Mobile App Store, where you'll find more than 100 apps waiting to be tried.

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“Worth every cent“ - Wookyoung Hong

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MyndPlay Bundle


The MyndPlay Bundle provides even more opportunity to explore the power of the MindWave Mobile EEG headset. Along with the MindWave Mobile, this bundle offers a wide assortment of games and mobile apps for you to try, including:

  • MyndPlayer
  • Parkour Heroes (for MyndPlay)
  • MyndPlay Sorts: Archery (for MyndPlay)
  • Paranormal Mynd: Exorcism (for MyndPlay)
  • Bullet Dodger (for MyndPlay)
  • Brainwave Visualizer
  • Man.Up
  • ZombiePop
  • Meditation Journal
  • MindWave Tutorial

More MyndPlay Apps

The bundle also includes the MyndPlay Brainwave Movie Player, which transforms the way you watch movies! By allowing your brainwave levels to determine the movie edits, you’ll be more invested in your favorite movies than ever before!

“Fantastic Research Quality Device for a Very Reasonable Price“ - Knight1649

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