Zip and the Misty Mountain
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  • Zip and the Misty Mountain
  • Zip and the Misty Mountain
  • Zip and the Misty Mountain

Zip and the Misty Mountain

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Does your child have trouble paying attention? Are they often distracted? Cortechs are the leading providers of neuroscience- backed solutions to improve children’s attention using brainwave technology and games. Our first Zip game is suitable for 6-12 year olds who will learn how to unlock and train their powers of focus and relaxation to get through the five temples to the top of the Misty Mountain. Zip will use your brainwaves to access special powerful moves (soaring high and magnetising gems) to complete each level successfully.

Zip is a young apprentice on the Misty Mountain who has been tasked with the challenge of racing to the head temple to wake the Grand Master. When you play Zip and the Misty Mountain, our tutorial will reveal the dilemma facing Zip and his friends Monk, Abbot Drang and Lonsung. Along the way, Zip has to leap over obstacles (the bad glibs), gather glowing gems and unlock each temple door that protects the path to the Master at the top of Misty Mountain. You must get through each of the 5 temples to the Master at the top of the Misty Mountain in the game by reaching and maintaining a focused state which will be seen by using your headset. Throughout this journey, you use your powers of mental focus so that you can perform special moves; you can do this with the power of your brainwaves. Our tutorial level guides you on how you can train your brainwaves to be rewarded for being more focused in the game. Practicing and mastering this is key to being able to complete the game… concentration hats on!!!

This game is played with a Neurosky Mindwave Mobile brainwave sensing headset. The headset will sense for how focused and relaxed you are (check out your brainwave readings using menu options). These can happen at the same time. By maintaining “focus” you will charge up their focus meter which allows you to soar through the mountain to access gems and avoid glibs. When the you “relax” they can become “magnetised” and suck the gems towards you, making the gems much easier to collect. Your ability to concentrate will be tested at each temple level as you will have more gems to collect and will rely more on your soaring ability (which is fuelled by your focus powers) the higher you go. Also, you will need to use your powers of focus to wake the sleeping monks and abbots at the end of each level! Can you focus hard enough to defeat the sleeping mist?

Ultimately, our aim is to give you and your kids fun, reliable tools to improve your focus. Good luck on your journey!

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