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  • TuSion - Train Your Brain
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TuSion - Train Your Brain

TuSion - platform that helps to improve cognitive abilities while playing games with neuro devices. We are combining Gamification with Neurofeedback amplifying the Relaxation and Concentration states of mind, that at the same time helps to get a healthier sleep, rid off addictions or even manage how to change the mood.

What results can we expect from neurofeedback using the app: Increase focus, mental clarity and the ability to accomplish tasks, feel greater ease, and drop away fears among others.

At the moment we are using 2 different DOF's: Concentration and Relaxation. About our games:

- Spinner: concentrate/relax to control the speed of rolling and direction, 1 DOF

- Jumper: concentrate/relax to jump, concentrate to stretch the hands while flying, relax to get into the water, 1 DOF

- Snake: classical snake-game, find the balance between concentration/relaxation to get into the highlighted cell, 2 DOF

- Reaperoid 3000: depending on your balance, you can control the angle of movement of the comet eating planets), 2 DOF

- WAY: depending on your balance, you can control the angle of movement of the comet eating planets), 2 DOF

- Pushazer: focus to do some exercises, 1 DOF

* Free games that improve your Attention, Relaxation, Mental Agility, Creativity and Emotional expression.
* Develop and regulate abilities of your psyche and mental states
* New way of visual interaction with the brain (brain-device-app)
* Create your personal trainer for your brain, track your progress and performance.
* Works with neuro-devices
* 6 games available and regular updates to keep you challenged.
* Get in-depth insights with TuSion Pro and get your TPI (TuSion's Performance Indicator)

We're a team of scientists, designers, and marketers that are experimenting with a new way of getting data from neuro devices and transforming them into games/art games. In the team, we have also psychologists the are continuously experimenting with new games that are changing the perception on how our brain and how neuro devices can together bring value and help to increase different cognitive skills.


For more information:
Terms of Service - http://tusion.xyz/terms-of-service
Privacy Policy - http://tusion.xyz/privacy
EULA - http://tusion.xyz/eula

Website: http://www.tusion.xyz/
Email: hello@tusion.xyz


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