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With the help of Dr Thomas Nasser, a highly experienced pain specialist and practicing physician for over 15 years, PAINPAL helps you to tap into the most powerful pharmacy known to man…your mind. 

We are all born with an incredible power to control and fight pain and this new, cutting edge technology draws on the support of significant medical research, helping a user to easily tap into that human pharmacy which is accessible to us all.  

Benefits of PAINPAL include:
Manage and control your pain
Change how pain effects your life
Think in a new and positive way

PAINPAL is designed with guidance from world leading technologists, neuroscientists and psychologists to be extremely powerful and precise at targeting the areas of the brain that control pain and the psychological/emotional responses to painful situations. PAIN PAL enables a person to develop a stronghold on the situations and mindset that makes their pain worse and to turn it around to alleviate and reduce troubling pain symptoms. 

Utilising a proven collection of pain management best practices, behavior change techniques and attention and acceptance strategies, PAINPAL is designed to help you to positively change your mindset and relationship with your pain. 

By reducing associated secondary sensations and emotional reactions, PAINPAL enables you to be more aware of your own experience and responses to your pain, providing a sustainable aide to controlling and managing your pain. 

Research shows that chronic pain is not just a simple sensation. It is strongly influenced by the ways in which the brain processes the pain signals. In fact, chronic pain can provoke strong emotional reactions, such as fear, anxiety, or even panic, depending on what the individual believes about their pain signals. 

PAINPAL provides Mindfulness Based Pain Management as a pre-loaded session to help the brain to learn how to manage and decrease the sensation of pain using a combination of attention, breathing, and acceptance techniques. In addition, PAIN PAL offers powerful in-app purchases specifically for pain sufferers to improve self-discipline, positive attitude, stress reduction and attention control.

A new and more useful way to focus your attention towards the sensation of pain
An aide to help you be more ‘in the moment’ and change how you process pain stimuli
A method to observe and become more aware of your own experience and responses to your pain
A breathing style to gain greater control and management of the pain
A way to change unhelpful past, present & future ‘stories’ that you tell yourself about your pain
A combination of acceptance, understanding and awareness techniques to proactively combat pain

Note 1:
For full functionality, this app requires a brainwave headset sensor to be purchased separately. ZenZone apps uniquely use the sensor data in real time to personalize your experience. It is still possible to use the app without buying a headset sensor and users who choose to proceed in this way have reported considerable benefits. If you are unsure about purchasing a headset, try the app first and see if you feel you gained benefit. You can always add the headset sensor afterwards to access the app's full functionality!

Compatible sensors are: NeuroSky iOS Mindwave Mobile

Note 2: PainPal payment method is based on a credit per use model. For the initial download of the app, 10 credits are included as part of the purchase for use with the Mindfulness Based Pain Reduction pre-loaded session. Further credits can be supplemented and topped up as in-app purchases. For every other session purchased as an in-app (like: Increase My Mobility) this will also download with 10 initial credits and further credits will be need to be purchased as in-app purchases, if these initial credits are used up.



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