Mind Jukebox - Beta version
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  • Mind Jukebox - Beta version
  • Mind Jukebox - Beta version
  • Mind Jukebox - Beta version
  • Mind Jukebox - Beta version
  • Mind Jukebox - Beta version

Mind Jukebox - Beta version

A song is accumulated, arranged and selected in music by brain waves. 
Music experience changes by your potential sensitivity.

The musical piece in a smart phone is library-ized by brain waves using a brain-waves sensor and a smart phone (Android application). 
By connecting a brain-waves sensor and playing musical music using this application, EEG data is accumulated and analyzed by the smart phone and is saved as a feature of the music. 
Although there are various elements in brain waves, a musical piece is mapped and classified according to sensitivity song selection by alpha wave and beta wave. 
This is called "music map within a brain", and the more a user listens to music, the more the music map within a brain carries out self-growth. 
If this music map within a brain is accumulated to some extent, suitable music will come to select a song according to the state of the present brain waves. 
Moreover, the user itself can also choose music from the category based on the music map within a brain, or it.

In this application, a brain-waves sensor is required. 
The brain-waves sensor which can be used are the models which used the brain-waves sensor chip ThinkGear of NeuroSky and which makes Bluetooth connection. 
NeuroSky MindSet, Mindwave Mobile, B-Bridge B3Band, Brain Athlete, MyndPlay BriainBand, etc. can be used. 
In the future, grasp of an individual music taste based on the music map within a brain and distribution service of the new music based on it are also due to be offered.

This application is developed by AIIT project team.
- Samurai Incubate exhibits fun new startups and ideas in Tokyo
- Shinagawa Business Club Business Creation Contest Outstanding performance award
- HCD research presentation meeting Encouragement prize award
- CVG (campus venture Grand Prix) Tokyo area semifinal advance

Facebook: A https://www.facebook.com/kanseisenkyoku Copyright sensitivity song selection project team and 2013 
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