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Mind-Full Wind


Mind-Full Wind is the first in an innovative series of fun games that may help children learn how to self-regulate anxiety and attention, using the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile EEG headset. By practicing with the Mind-Full Wind app, children may improve their ability to calm themselves and focus so they can learn more effectively at school.

Mind-Full Wind has three games based on familiar everyday activities in which children have experienced what it feels like to relax and focus. For example, by blowing softly on a pinwheel on the screen, a child will relax his or her body and brain state, which is sensed by the headset, causing the animated pinwheel to spin. Mind-Full makes invisible brain processes visible in ways children can understand.

Mind-Full Wind comes with the Mind-View extension app. Mind-View works the Mind-Full Wind App. It gives you a view into a child’s brain, enabling you to view the child’s level of relaxation and attention in real-time as they play Mind-Full games. Mind-View also lets you adjust the brain wave and game level settings as the child is playing, providing real-time customization. It can be installed on any additional Android smart phone or tablet.


• Intuitive and easy to use, even for kids who can’t yet read or write.
• Teaches kids how to use their bodies to still and focus their minds.
• May help children improve their ability to calm themselves and focus their attention.
• Attractive, kid-friendly graphics motivate kids to practice.
• Kids can monitor their own progress and challenge levels.

This app will be useful for parents, educators and counsellors who work with kids who have challenges with anxiety (even that due to some form of trauma) or attention or both.

Website: mindfullapp.ca
Email: info@mindfullapp.ca



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