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Kidzen is an educational bilingual videogame designed to help children from 7 to 12 years old to improve their concentration and attention skills, and teach them how to control their impulses in a fun way. It was developed with the help of psychologists and specialists, to provide an effective and fun solution for children with ADHD.

Kidzen will help your children to relax, concentrate, and improve their performance during daily activities, including those academic ones.

Kidzen re-enforces your children´s:
- Working Memory: Necessary to stay focused on any particular task, be aware and block distractions. 
- Rhythm: These exercises help your brain functioning not to feel out of sync.
- Concentration: Helps in the process of receiving and processing information correctly.
- Relaxation: Parents will be able to measure their children’s relaxation levels thanks to the MindWave NeuroSky sensor.
- Impulse Control: The key to react correctly under stress and unexpected situations.
- Strengthen their self-steem: While having fun playing Kidzen, children will need to solve some exercises, and when they do so, they will feel capable of achieving their goals.

Kidzen uses the MindWave NeuroSky sensor. This device measures the EEG power spectrums (alpha waves, beta waves, etc), that allows to detect and measure Gamma waves issued by a state of high focus and concentration.

Kidzen’s content is based in psychological studies and cognitive techniques applied to children with ADHD, such as the studies from both Doctor Donald Meichenbaum, a specialist in cognitive treatment for children with ADHD, and Isabel Orjales Villar, Professor at the Psychology Department and Education of UNED’s Psychology School. 

Kidzen is bilingual, so you can choose playing in English or Spanish!

System Requirements:
- A computer with Windows 7 or more recent
- Flash Player 11 or more recent (included in Windows 8 and more recent versions... if you use Windows 7, you may download Flash Player free at )
- NeuroSky MindWave or MindWave Mobile




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