Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)
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  • Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)
  • Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)
  • Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)
  • Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)
  • Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)

Clarity: Meditation Visualized (Android)

Tried meditation but wanted to get a better sense for what is really going on inside your head? 
Want to gain more awareness as to how your brain is reacting to your meditations?
Want a better way to maintain your meditation practice and track your progress?

Try Clarity, a system that pairs mindfulness meditation exercises with a brainwave sensing headset to show you your mental states in real time. With a compatible headset, you see your level of relaxation and focus throughout each session. Gain deeper insight into how your mind is reacting and take your practice to a new level!

With Clarity, your practice goes to the next level with real time mental state tracking with a compatible headset. Supported headset available for purchase at
Neurosky Mindwave Mobile
B3Band by B-Bridge

Other Compatible Headsets:
BrainBandXL by Myndplay

Features include:
- Real Time feedback and ongoing tracking of your mental states
- Guided audio sessions
- Each meditation session is an entry in your personal mindfulness journal. Write as much as you want, this is for you!
- Tools to keep your practice regular by tracking your weekly sessions
- Share sessions on your favorite social networks
- And more!


Clarity: Your Brain on Meditation.
Be More Aware.
Become More Awesome.
Train your mind with our guided exercises and transform your life!


Find peace. Become more calm. Get relaxed. Find focus. Find equanimity. Find You.

The headsets read your brainwaves using electroencephalogram, or EEG. Learn more on our website,!

New to meditation? Join the millions of others practicing mindfulness meditation and see the benefits. Mindfulness has been found to help:

  • Improve Response to Stress
  • Improve Pain Management
  • Improve Attitude and Mood
  • Improve Empathy & Relationships
  • Reduce Impulsiveness
  • Reduce Negative Thinking
  • Improve Working Memory

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