The WujiBrainWave app for iPad, Mac and Windows:


- See your brainwave output in realtime 3D animated meters, algorithms and digital readout

- Realistic 3D animated dolphins YOU control with your brain

- MindMedia Video that analyzes your brainwave responses

- Online Dashboard for your personal session data storage

- Social Networking with users through your Personal Dashboard


WujiBrainwave allows you to see your brainwave output in realtime and understand the way your brain responds in your life through our patented Joy, Attention, Inner Calm, and other algorithms and 3D animated helical meters with digital readouts. Our exclusive MindMedia videos allow you to watch and then analyze HOW your brain responded to WHAT you watched. WujiTech's realistic 3D dolphins move on the screen in response to YOUR brainwaves in our Dolphin MindMeld games… and with practice, this brainwave feedback can help you hone your skills in many areas from academic and memory, to health and stress management.


WujiTech provides a personalized online Dashboard where all your data is stored for your secure reference and a full social networking environment where you can communicate and share with others around the world. This app requires a $19.95 Premium Account Membership fee to access and the purchase of the NeuroSky MindWave Mobile headset. Note that the WujiBrainwave app is free to download on your iPad (required by Apple through iTunes) but to run it requires the above fee.


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  • WujiBrainwave
  • WujiBrainwave
  • WujiBrainwave
  • WujiBrainwave

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