Home of Attention

Home of Attention



The software home-of-attention works with state-of-the-art neurofeedback technology and with the MindWave headset of Neurosky.

home-of-attention was developed by psychologists and neurofeedback experts.

During neurofeedback, brainwaves are analyzed in real time by a computer. The MindWave measures the user’s brain activity via an EEG system and home-of-attention visualizes it on a screen.

For the first time, home-of-attention integrates the approach of visual neurofeedback in one program only. Now, neurofeedback training is also available as an application for home use.

The software shows how brainwaves can be altered in order to reach certain mental states. As well music, games and videos can be added to the training, which support quick success in learning progress and also are fun.

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