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Grapheme is a new application by Universal Mediaman. Grapheme builds upon the principles of his first neuro-app, called Dagaz. Dagaz was inspired by the geometrics of the mandala shape. With the Dagaz application, users can generate a mandala figure through meditation.

Grapheme is slightly different. This application draws its inspiration from certain geometric shapes that can be found in nature on a macro & micro level, such as organisms like deep underwater sea creatures or immense macro systems like nebulas and pulsars. Grapheme is an open particle system that responds to the Neurosky’s feedback algorithms, making it possible to experiment with different feedback dynamics in terms of animations & colorized atmospheres. Different parameters can be influenced by positive or negative feedback. This gives the user the amazing ability to generate images with their mind.


Grapheme is the first neurofeedback application that goes beyond learning how to maintain a state of concentration or meditation; to control Grapheme, the user has to move through different states of mind. By generating your own pulsating neurological dynamics, it becomes possible to generate astonishing shapes.


The visual representation of Grapheme uses three important features.


- An overall graphic interface controlling hue, saturation, blur, brightness & contrast.

- A central gravitational point controlling range, amount of gravity and the overall speed off the particle movement.

- An external gravity interface that also controls the range and amount of gravity. These settings only influence the additional points off gravity around the center.




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