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Dagaz is an application that helps the Mindset user to train their meditation level through a new intuitive game experience. The application makes use of mandala shapes, generated by the user’s mind. Mandala shapes are symmetrical shapes used in many cultures and almost every religion. The shapes are used for different purposes, for example as a meditation tool, part of religious architecture, and even as a therapeutic tool for mentally disabled or mentally ill. Every mandala is created around a central point. Dagaz (which means ‘point’ in the ancient Futhark alphabet) uses that central point to help users train their meditation skills. 

The Dagaz project has its purpose in different areas. Dagaz can be used for relaxation or as a fun gaming experience. But it can also be used for more serious training. Meditation also has positive effects on a wide range of conditions, such as hyperactivity disorders (ADHD), sleeping difficulties, depression and pain relief. Dagaz is a fun and intuitive way to learn to control your brain by creating aesthetic images. By meditating on a central point the user has the ability to generate different dimensions from this point and these dimensions carry you further into your meditation session. The more dimensions you create, the higher your score and your meditation skill. 
Dagaz is the first step in the creation of a mind-based communication protocol. Future versions of Dagaz will have an added multiplayer mode, making it possible to create a worldwide neural network that will enable participants all over the world to generate mandalas together. 
The first version of Dagaz lays the foundation for more advanced neural interaction on social platforms. Are you ready to start talking with your mind? 
Requires Adobe Air and the ThinkGear Connector to run. 
ThinkGear Connector

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